How to Prevent a Holiday Debt Hangover This Year…and Beyond


Monica Buck,

Monica Buck,

Only 328 shopping days left until Christmas. Now before you reach out to thump me with something hard (like the skis in this photo), let me explain. There’s a perfectly good reason why Christmas is on my mind in February. It’s because I want you/me/we to avoid a holiday debt hangover like many Americans still have two months into the new year. How’d they get it? Spending more money than they had. Continue reading

Why A Credit Union is Better Than A Bank

Break out the cake, I’m ready to celebrate. Why? Because this month marks ten years since I closed my account at a traditional big-name bank and joined Las Colinas Federal Credit Union. Frustrated by the fee-heavy, impersonal ways of banks, one day I went searching for something better. And I found it at my neighborhood credit union. Wonder if a credit union is right for you? Here’s why I believe a credit union is better than a bank and that you’ll be happier if you make the switch, too. Continue reading

4 Easy Ways to Rein in Holiday Spending

As the holidays near, we’d all like to create picture perfect scenes like this with gifts galore, beautifully dressed kids and even a roly poly pup or two beneath the tree. But beware. Such Norman Rockwell moments can be pricey, leading to overspending and a post-holiday financial hangover as big as the state of Texas. Continue reading