Coppell Students Get Real World Advice at 2015 Financial Reality Fair

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Recently, the rubber hit the road for ninth graders when Las Colinas Federal Credit Union and New Tech High teamed up again for their annual Financial Reality Fair. Part of the Credit Union’s ongoing program with Coppell ISD to help educate students in multiple grade levels about money matters, the Fair focuses on showing ninth graders what it takes to create a monthly budget and live within their means so they can, hopefully, avoid the problems faced by many adults (perhaps even their parents!) today. 28% of adults have no emergency savings, 34% pay credit card bills late and one-third have saved just $1,000 toward retirement. Continue reading

How to Teach Your Kids to Go Wild About Saving

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Idea go,

When my friend, Nancy, was eight years old, she wanted a horse more than anything in the world. After pleading her case six ways to Sunday, her dad (a practical Midwestern guy) simply said, “If you can earn the money, you can get a horse.” Then he put a pencil to paper to show her how much a horse really cost–from purchase to upkeep. With goal in-hand, Nancy began her quest to save like never before. Three years (and an endless string of odd jobs) later, Nancy was the proud owner of Crystal the horse. And by then, Nancy was also in the habit of goal-oriented saving. She’d learned that money doesn’t grow on trees but…if you save hard enough, one day it just may seem like it does.  Continue reading

Birthday Moments to “Save-or” with Kids

In recent years, I’ve been to an increasing number of birthday parties for kids that have left me speechless (ok, nearly). Instead of small gatherings with cake, ice cream and a few token gifts like the kind I grew up with, I’ve watched a three year-old and her entire preschool class party down in a castle-sized bounce house, stood far away from a petting zoo caravan (with a resident boa constrictor) that arrived on the doorstep of a grade-schooler; and marveled at a spa day party with more pampering for five year-olds than I’ve yet to experience as a grownup. And did I mention each kid had so many gifts it looked like Christmas had come early–twice?

If yours is one of the 24 million households with at least one kid in it, my guess is -that unless you’ve been lottery lucky- you may yearn for a less wallet-wilting way to show your kids the love on their birthday and, perhaps, even teach them the value of a buck.
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